Monday, August 1, 2011

How I'm Doing on My 30 To-Dos

I can't believe it's August. I mean, I know it's August. Last month it was July. It's hotter than Mordor. Football season is a month out. I get it. But WOW this year is flying by! In looking at my goals I'm realizing I need to get on some of them! Here were my original 30 To-Dos for 2011, and below is where i'm at with them! Or, as my friend Angela says: 
"Old me kept my neurotic lists hidden away in a notebook and never shared them with anyone. But here's the thing... I am a list-maker, extremely goal oriented, and a planner to the point of fault. So, I'm just gonna own up to my insanity and publish it." 
This made me laugh SO hard, and of course i'm proud of her and am LOVING reading her To-Dos. :)


Goal #1. Try out lots of new fitness classes to mix up my cardio.Tried spin and body pump - love both, but love spin more. This new cardio to break up the running/walking has been awesome. That and the stair climber of death.
Goal #6. Omit needless things. Go through all closets and donate or toss. Go through all clothes and donate or toss.Took. For. Ever. But so worth it!
Goal #7. Organize the pantry. still need to take a pic!
Goal #8. Organize the spice cabinet.
Yes, I get it - it's a spice drawer, not a cabinet - but it works best for us!
Goal #9. Train Remy. she's sitting and shaking - great little one!
Goal #21. Create a gift center still need to take a picture!
Goal #25. Get gutters cleaned. All Austin!
Goal #26. Block puppy escape route. All Austin!
Goal #27. Get fan in guest room corrected. All Austin!
Goal #28. Create a kitchen business center.Has been GREAT!
So nice to know where everything is, or where it's supposed to be. Looking at you, Austin! :)

Goal #22. Get a container and establish a location for extra buttons. Easy peasy - having a spot for them has been so helpful!
Goal #2. Start C25K again. Got up to 3 miles straight again - woo!

Going Well!
Won’t know until the end of the year if I've accomplished it!

Goal #5. Make a 2010 book. Still have April - December to do - eek!
Goal #11. Continue making new recipes, at least 5 per month.going well!
Goal #16. Make more mealplans (at least one per quarter). only 1 shared so far - need to post another!
Goal #17. Have date night at least once per week.going well!
Goal #18. Don’t buy any books. Haven't. bought. one! (unless they're for book club - that doesn't count!)
Goal #19. Read 52 books. Am on track - have read 28 so far!
Goal #30. Spend as much time with my nephew Dane as possible!
I love Devon & Zach's little man!!
To-Do (still!)
And here is where I need to focus for the remainder of the year! (aside from continuing work on C25k, continuing to plug away at the 2010 book, making more recipes and meal plans, reading, seeing Dane more, etc.)

Goal #3. Measure each Thursday. Gotten out of the habit
Goal #4. Make my wedding album/book.Haven't started!
Goal #10. Try out churches in our area.Have found that we're out of town more than in town - have been  watching the sermon online but it's not the same - still trying on this one!
Goal #12. Reupholster chaise in master bedroom; get new bench for foot of bed. Slow going!
Goal #13. Have TV mounted and cable installed. Slow going!
Goal #14. Make new videos. Slow going!
Goal #15. Do abs twice a week. Did this for the month of Jul - so it's getting better!
Goal #20. Do a household budget.Got started, lost motivation - eek!
Goal #22. Learn how to sew on a button. Need to find someone to teach me - anyone??! :)
Goal #23. Buy lamps. Actually had some luck with this one on Saturday - pics coming soon!
Goal #24. Hang shelves/hooks in guest bathroom. Have the shelves/hooks - need to hang!
Goal #29. See menus to make recipes! Haven't gone here yet!

I've also found myself procrastinating by doing things that weren't  on the list! I don't mean hanging with friends, traveling, etc. - that's a given! I mean, selling my couch and buying a new one, growing a garden,  buying a dresser/reorganizing our closet, creating a party central buffet, experiencing with meatless recipes, creating a new Tips & How To Section, joining a time-intensive leadership program at work, and the list goes on!

Q: Do you find that even when you have goals you want to achieve, you still find a BABILLION other things to focus on?! I do! I'm just loving having the 'house bug' and want to ride it out while i'm enjoying it so much! Besides, a lot of the things on my list are 'nice to haves' not 'must haves.' I have to say, it's exciting to finish these things, cross things off my list. I love having a list of things I want to do, and am enjoying doing them as well as the results of having them done. 

Q: Can you tell that making To-Do lists is in my top 5 favorite things to do? I mean really - I love it. And no, of course I don't have a list of favorite things to do. That would be crazy, right? right?

Q: Do you keep To-Do lists? If so, do you share them on your blog? Why or why not? I love sharing them and having this blog as my home base. I find that publishing them keeps me more accountable, too!

Back to normal programming tomorrow - HAPPY MONDAY!

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