Tuesday, November 1, 2011

4 Banana Finds, Even My Sickness is on a Schedule

Okay for REAL - check our the ridiculousness that is my scheduled sickness:
  • October 2011: Excerpt from last week, October 27: my week has been pretty much dominated by two things: My ex-mole & My sickness (i.e. some nasty cold/sinusy thing) .
  • October 2010: Exerpt from the 31st: "Saturday I woke up feeling horrible! My nose was all stuffed... I was in bed most of the day and even had to skip my workout -  NO fun."
  • October 2009: Excerpt from the 23rd: "This means: No 755 club + sandlot at Turner field last night; No shopping day today; No gym...; No going out in the Highland's tonight to celebrate my buddy's two-six; No meeting Jason/Crystal's baby. Instead it means this…A visit to the doctor - I have a bacterial infection with sinisitus and a fever. I was given mucinex, antibiotics and a nose spray; Lots of fluids; Lots of time with pupper; Lots of time lying in bed, playing on computer, watching bad TV; Plain food... only turkey sandwiches sound good. And m&ms. Random.
You know what's even MORE weird? Before I conducted this strategic research analysis (hehe), I went to have breakfast and was like ugh, I'll just have a turkey sandwich instead! This happened like 3 days in a row. Apparently turkey sandwiches are my go-to food when i'm sick - who knew?!

Moving on! So Banana Republic was having a sale this weekend. I had no idea - I popped over to Lenox with  Austin to get him a new black Lacoste and the entire store was 40% off. Oh no.... I did damage, buying the following 3 skirts and 1 dress.... eeeee!
$150, on sale for $55 with 40% off = awesome! Wore it to work today!
LOVE the bow on this skirt - originally $90 - crazy!
Same with this one - bow on front originally $90 - wore it to work yesterda! :)
Loved this brown skirt! Hard to find cute brown hued skirts - everything seems so gray and black!
And quick update: Yesterday started with a 2.5 mile run, then a busy work done, working through lunch, then straight home to the family! Me & Austin worked on a gift for his parents, during which a babillion trick-or-treaters visited the house - SO cute. Then I passed out at like 9:30 - such a wild Halloween. haha Today started with a 1-hour spin class. Then it's just been work and doctor's appointments - I'm actually off to (hopefully) get these sutures out today! Wish me luck. :)

Q: Are you a Banana fan? I just love it. And i'm REALLY liking this whole skirt thing. Yes, I still LOVE my dresses, but skirts are nice because you can get like 6-7 basic black/gray/etc. skirts and then just mix up the tops with lots of prints - fun!

Q: What do you crave when you're sick (i.e. have a cold, congested, etc.)? I thought it was mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese and carbs on top of carbs, but apparently it's turkey sandwiches.

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