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My Story... So Far!

The two links below basically show you my 21-pound weight loss journey from 136 pounds to 115 pounds. You can see it in pictures, and you can see what I did to get there - my tips, tricks, etc. Sadly, my tips and tricks kind of go back to the whole exercise and eat less. But we all know it's not that simple, right? :) And sadly... i'm still working on maintaining that loss- it's hard! But that's okay!

What I've Done to Fit Back In

Also, here's some stats I get asked about::

Height: 5’3” (or 5'2"...ish...)
Start weight: 136 Sept. 1, 2008 when I started the blog. See my First Post!
Current weight: see ticker at right
1st Goal: 130 met Sept. 8, 2008
2nd Goal: 125 met Oct. 5, 2008
3rd Goal: 120 met Nov. 14, 2008
Real Goal: 115 met Jan. 23, 2009
Maintenance Goal: 113
Happy Weight: 113 - 115
Highest Weight: 139 Feb. 2008
Lowest Weight: 109.5 April 2009
Measurements: Pant Size: 2; 26/27
Body Fat Percentage: 23.5% (July 2009)

Now here's my story... so far!

September 2001

Met and began dating my now-husband Austin as a sophomore at Auburn University. I was 19; he was 21. He lived across the hall from me and we met on the stairs.

May 2004

Graduated from Auburn with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. Austin graduated the same day, with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. Began my master's program the following summer and started working as a GTA teaching Public Speaking at Auburn.

January 2006

Moved to an apartment in Alpharetta, Ga. Began an internship in Marketing/Communications in Atlanta (corporate side). We still made it back to Auburn a lot!

May 2006

Graduated from Auburn with a Master of Arts in Communication and was hired on full-time at said corporation in the Marketing Department as an Internal Communications Coordinator with a focus on internal communications (i.e. project management/consulting, writing, editing, blogging, podcasting, reporting, working with publications, intranets, etc.).

June 2006

Moved to a loft in Buckhead! Had a blast with Austin in Atlanta - so glad to be in the same city again!

December 2006

Austin proposed on a mountaintop in Park City, Utah!

March 2007

Time for Engagement Pictures!

September 2007

Me and Austin met and quickly became obsessed with our fur baby Reuben (a shih poo). Was promoted to Internal Communications Specialist at work!

January 2008

Following an engagement party in my hometown and two wonderful showers in Birmingham and in Atlanta, I had a fabulous bachelorette party in Atlanta hosted by my sister!

February 2008

Me and Austin got married in Birmingham, Alabama. Below are a few favorites; Here’s a bunch of pics.

March 2008

I started working out. I weighed 136/138 and felt like I was only getting bigger. I joined a gym and got serious about working out again… but not so much with nutrition.

September 2008

I started the blog and joined Spark People after a Labor Day trip/bathing suit pictures made me realize my working out efforts weren't working! We also visited Auburn, and later that month, my right foot problems landed me in a boot. I also went to Chicago and traveled solo for the first time! By the end of September, I had met my first goal of reaching 130!

October 2008

I traveled to Auburn for football and fun with friends a lot, I began cooking a lot more (pita pizzas; muffins, etc.!) and I started making inspiration boards for a house we didn’t have yet! Lastly, I reached my goal of 125!

November 2008

I went to Vegas for the first time! I also reached my goal of 120. OMG, I was so pumped to go from 136 in September to 120 - my clothes felt better and I felt great!

December 2008

I did my first bloggie book review. I celebrated my first 100 days of blogging! Our apartment pissed us off for the. Last. Time. Time to move, buy a house, get OUT! I also posted progress pics for the first time.

January 2009

I started listening and loving audio books, posted “What I’ve Done to Fit Back In” and we kicked up the house hunting for REAL seeing 16+ houses every weekend! I also reached my goal of 115! I was so pumped!

February 2009

I’ve been married for a year! I posted more progress pictures at my new weight – 115. I also reached my "low/safe goal" of 113. We also got even more serious about house hunting, and even found our home!

March 2009

We bought a house!! We moved in on the 30th. Other than that, I read a lot, attended two bachelorette party weekends (Megan's and Monica's) and a birthday party night out in Atlanta, made lots of new recipes and home inspiration boards and went to Enterprise, Alabama, for an engagement party.

April 2009

We moved! And we had hardwoods put down and started work on the house. Did some major Ikea shopping, and got a lot of the house set up and ready to go! My weight also hit an all-time low – 109.5. It wasn't my best look…

May 2009

Had a wonderful time as one of Megan’s bridesmaids! Had granite countertops installed. Found a new groomer for Reuben, went on a lake weekend and had a blast as one of Monica’s bridesmaids! I gained some weight back to going from 110 to 115.

June 2009

Went to Virginia to celebrate Ed’s 90th birthday, became obsessed with fruit, went to a Dooby Brothers/Bad Company concert with my mom, had a girl night/sleepover with my sis, had a Father’s Day BBQ and had two game nights with Lincoln & Shana!

July 2009

Did lots of shopping, celebrated with 4th with a beer-pong outdoor party, started strength training again (with a buddy this time, Stacy!), celebrated Lincoln’s 30th birthday, had games nights, made tons of recipes, and turned 27. O. M. G. Loved my prezzies - including a new gym bag!

August 2009

Kept up the ST & cooking, laid out by the pool a lot, partied like a rockstar for Austin’s 29th, bought some more home stuff, had our dining room painted and hosted a baby shower making my first ‘event menu.’

September 2009

Celebrated one year of blogging! Other than that biggie, I continued my love of audio books, did more shopping/cooking/reading/ST, welcomed back my TV shows for the fall lineup, celebrated more birthdays, hit up Athens and threw another baby shower!

October 2009

Celebrated more birthdays – loves it, began Auburn tailgating – woo!, attended Austin’s shopping spree with his awesome mom, tried out short hair for the first time since High School, bought some boots and clothes, had more great times in Auburn!, got sick, went to So You Think you Can Dance, went to T’s Halloween Party, and met homecookedem (my first blogger meet up!) – me and Austin borrowed her Juno/Bleeker Halloween Look!!

November 2009

Had my first blogger meet up! Also, got a new camera, hosted a book club meeting, had a wonderful weekend in Athens, bought 4 new rugs for the hizzie, made my first pie, bought a fridge and celebrated Thanksgiving with mi familia!

December 2009

Decorated for Christmas, won an award at work, became obsessed with avocados, got the new fridge in!, met with up friends in Highlands, hit up the outlets with Shana, bought a video camera and posted my first video, went to a wedding in Bham and posted my second video, celebrated my mom’s birthday, had a family fun christmas, celebrated Stacy/Shane’s engagement and New Year’s in Athens, and went to Virginia to celebrate Austin’s grandfather Ed’s life at his funeral.

January 2010

Began the Couch to 5K Program, posted my New Year’s Eve video (LOVE making those little videos!), went out with friends, had snow days, hit up the boutique sale, Teresa/Forrest came to visit and me/Stacy went to Vegas – still can’t get over the Bealtles Love Show!

February 2010

Celebrated my second anniversary with Austin, got a sweet plaque commemorating my 1,000 miles in 2009, went to see Mamma Mia!, had some MAJOR snow for Atlanta, caught up with friends, watched lots of Olympics, had a book club sleepover, finished the dining room project, and went to Enterprise, Alabama, to meet my cousin Robin's new baby girl.... and then again to be with my stepdad during his double bypass… he’s recovering so well!

March 2010

Celebrated at Stacy & Shane’s engagement party, celebrated Mary T’s birthday, got the remainder of our appliances, had new trees installed, had a St. Patty’s Beer Fest, did my first 25-minutes-without-stopping C25K run., got my poker on, went to a concert with Katie/Chris, went to Birmingham for a family weekend, had the rest of our stainless appliances installed! Was promoted to Communications Associate Manager at work.

April 2010

Had fun on the farm at Easter, won a giveaway – vitamuffins! , had date night with Andy/Monica/Andrew/Laura Anne, got to catch up with Katie and her baybay, met all of Stacy’s friends and bridemaid’s at Front Page News and got to see Little Lindsey, Tyson, Jennifer and lots of my hometown crew while seeing a great friend, Tony, get married.

May 2010

Celebrated Baby Emma’s baptism, went to Paradise AKA Punta Cana Iberostar Grand Bavaro Hotel for almost a week, visited NY for a few nights – fell in love with the West Village, got Reuben new clothes, bought some new pillows and got a grill from Austin’s parents, visited with my mom and sis, hung out with Chris/Katie, had book club at Crystals and read TONS of books – lovely month!

June 2010

Posted 'True Life: How I became a Pre-cooker', saw an advanced screening of Twilight with my mom!, visited Auburn for a couples retreat with two of our favorite couples, celebrated at my 10-year high school reunion weekend with some of my besties from Alabama, went to Collective Soul with Austin, co-hosted a stock the bar shower for Stacy & Shane and begin celebrating for my birthday by getting amazing gifts from friends and family!

July 2010

Celebrated the 4th of July at Ruje and Mark’s lakehouse with a great group of friends, celebrated my birthday at Uncle Julios’s, celebrated again at Front Page News, helped out with my sister’s housewarming party, went to Charleston for Stacy’s Bachelorette party to celebrate her wedding, finished a renovation project I’ve been dying to do, and did LOTS of shopping – new shoes, dresses, jeans – woo!

August 2010

Threw Austin a party for his 30th birthday, attended Stacy's couples shower, work shower and was a bridesmaid in her beautiful wedding, visited Charleston for Fox's wedding, had a blogger meet-up with Erica (Itzy’s Kitchen) and had date night with Austin at a Green Day concert.

Photo from


September 2010

Bought a new car, celebrated Labor Day at the lake with Mark and Ruje, celerated Mary and Jimmy’s baby Emma’s first birthday in Birmingham, had a night out with the Wilson’s at the Kings of Leon concert, visited Teresa and Forrest’s in auburn for the AU vs. Clemson game, and had fun at Kirn Fest with Stacy and Shane at Mandy and Mike’s.

October 2010

Celebrated Mary and Teresa’s birthdays in Birmingham, went to Andrew’s/The Ivy for the AU La Monroe game, went to Virginia to be a part of Emily and Tim’s wedding weekend, went to Auburn for the LSU game, went to 5 Seasons with Katie and cush for pumpkin ale, went to Stacy’s for Halloween, had a blogger meet-up at Eclipse de luna, went to the 311 Halloween show at the Fox and got a new puppy – Remy, the perfect little maltipoo!

November 2010

Celebrated Cush and Andrew’s birthdays, visited Enterprise for Megan’s baby shower and Aaron’s wedding, visited Teresa and Forrest in Auburn for the UGA game, got Remy a new Auburn dress, celebrated Shane’s birthday at Twain’s and at the Black Crowes Concert, celebrated Thanksgiving at Lake Lanier with the Martins and celebrated Auburn’s Iron Bowl win at our house, 5 Seasons and Cush’s!

December 2010

Celebrated my mom’s birthday, went skiing at Beaver Creek/Vail with Austin’s family, attended the Velotas Tacky Christmas Sweater Party, had a pupper photo shoot, went to Chicago for work but worked in some shopping, had Teresa/Forrest in town for the SEC game – Auburn won – woo!

January 2011

Created a new 'party central' buffet in the dining room, elebrated New Year’s with Stacy, Shane and their crew in Atlanta, hosted a couple’s baby shower for my sister at our place, celebrated the Turman’s at their wedding in Greenville, attended a baby shower for my sister, worked an event at work finding a love for Straight No Chaser, went to Arizona to see Auburn with the National Championship Game, and shared my 2011 To-Do List.


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Wow I loved learning more about you! Thanks for sharing!

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I loved learning about you and seeing all your pictures. You have a such a great smile!

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Thanks you guys! I've been meaning to do a page like this for a while now - so glad I finally did it! :)

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There were actually pictures of Reuben I'd never seen before! He's such a doll baby! :)

Also some Vegas pics. :)

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Fantastic! You and I are in exactly the same field - internal communications - except you are working and I am not... YET. Awesome post, Kelly! You are so darn cute!

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Thanks for sharing the stories and pictures. It is always nice to read your blog and find inspiration :)

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I LOVE this page!!! It's great to get to know you a bit better. And I love the photos! :)

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I can't believe I've been with you most of this time...through your blog, I mean. I didn't realize just how long ago I'd started following you! I think I might actually be one of your first few readers...and I can't even remember how I found your blog. But I'm glad I did and I'm glad to have been with you all this time!

Way to go, Kelly. You're awesome!

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This is such a great my story page (probably the best I've seen). Love all of the beautiful pictures. ya'll look SO happy

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Hi! I'm so happy I found your blog!! I'm currently trying to lose weight and hearing your story is totally inspiring! I'm going to start reading your older posts to see exactly how you did it! :)

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this is the best about me page i've ever seen! you're adorable and congrats on all your progress. you look great! thanks for coming to my blog :)

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